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High-Heat Customizations now available for your American Beauty Soldering Iron

We are comfortable putting our soldering irons up against any competitor in the marketplace comparing performance, longevity and price.  With that being said, there are a limited number of customers such as yourselves, whose usage simply demands an even more specialized tool.  In the past few years we have produced a limited number of 'high-heat' soldering irons for customers who have approached us with similar usage patterns.  This would be the same Heavy-duty soldering irons that you're used to, with the following modifications:

A) extreme temperature resistant electrical connectors with specialized insulative sheathing designed to withstand up-to 2,000 degree F temperatures.  

B) heat baffle on handle.

C) heat cushioning on handle.

D) upgraded set-screw to allow for easier tip maintenance.

Functionally, the iron will be identical to your current tool.  The benefits will be three fold:

  1. reduction of electrical shorts caused by excessive heat build-up over many continuous hours of usage.

  2. reduced handle heat experienced by operator.

  3. improved ability to remove tip for routine maintenance and thereby extending both tip and element life.

When ordering replacement parts for these customized irons, it's important to identify to us that your iron is a ‘high-heat’ version.  Once you incorporate our high-heat customization across you're soldering irons, we would encourage you take advantage of our repair program.  We have many high usage customers that return irons in quantities of approx. 10-12 and experience great savings over either purchasing new tools or performing repairs internally.  A hidden cost of internal repairs are improperly performed repairs that lead to immediate and permanent product failures.  Every item we repair is fully tested to perform like new.

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