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FAQ Category: General Inquiry

Q. Are International Cordsets and Plugs available for my Esico Triton tool?
A. YES! We offer many types of international cordsets/plugs. When completing the quoting process on our website, you will have the opportunity to select your specific plug from this list of choices.

Q. Will the products I see and/or purchase from your website handle high voltage current (220-240 VAC)?
A. NO. All standard Esico Triton tools are wired for low voltage current (110-120 VAC). Any products we produce that are wired to run on 220-240 VAC are built to order and need to be custom quoted. Most Esico Triton tools can be customized to operate on high voltage current. To determine if a specific product is available in a 220-240 VAC version, check the Technical Specifications tab for the product in question.

Q. Are Esico Triton Tools RoHS compliant?
A. Yes. All Esico Triton tools comply with the requirements of the RoHS Directive: 2002/95/EC issued January 27, 2003. These products do not contain more than the permissible levels of any of the restricted substances as defined by the RoHS Directive.

Q. The cost that is being quoted to me from the Esico Triton dealer in my country is higher than the Manufacturer's Suggested Resale Price (MSRP) that I see on your website. Is this correct and can I buy it cheaper directly from you?
A. The MSRP price that you see on our website is the suggested price for our standard product. It does not included; We apologize for any confusion caused by our inclusion of MSRP pricing on the website, however our North American customers have been demanding it for sometime. Please continue to work with the designated Esico Triton dealer in your country to facilitate your purchase.

Q. Are Esico Triton tools supported by the manufacturer by a warranty policy and repair service?
A. Absolutely! Follow this link to learn all the details regarding our industry best Repair Service and Warranty Policy.

Q. Why do some people refer to soldering as 'Tinning'?
A. The term 'tinning' was originally used to describe the process of coating sheets of wrought iron, steel or even copper with a very thin protective layer of tin to prevent rust or oxidation.

Most soft solder alloys contain a high percentage of tin, hence the term is often used when people solder wire and other component parts.

Q. I want to verify that your product will work for my application before I make a purchase. Is this possible?
A. The high cost of shipping, tracking and refurbishing product that has been sent out for 'demo's' has resulted in Esico Triton thinking outside the box in an attempt to make customers comfortable prior to purchase. We offer a Free Inhouse Test & Evaluation service for application verification.

Q. How do I perform a continuity test?
A. Make sure the item you are testing is not plugged in. Using a standard multi-meter, properly attach both test leads to the meter and touch the two test probes together to make sure it is reading properly. Most multi-meters will have a function setting that has either an analog needle or an audible beep to verify continuity. Touch one probe to each end of the item being tested and the multi-meter will show if there is continuity. You will find this test very useful when troubleshooting many of our products.

Q. What is an MSDS?
A. The letters stand for Material Safety Data Sheet. Most manufacturers of raw materials (solders, wires, fluxes, insulation, etc.) will have them available upon request.

Q. Can you offer me guidance on what type of solder I should use for my specific appliaction?
A. We can offer you basic direction in terms of what type (50/50, 60/40, Pb Free, Silver, etc.) of solder you might require. However if you are looking to really get into the weeds, there are specialty solder manufacturers with sales engineers or technical support staff. If a quick search using your favorite search engine turns up no leads, contact us and we will be happy to supply you with a number of choices.

Q. I can't locate the original product literature that came with my Esico Triton Soldering Tool. Can you help me?
A. All of our product literature can be located on this website. Use the Site Search to locate your specific product by model number, or simply use the graphic friendly menu search found on the home page.

Q. What are the affects of using an Esico Triton Soldering Tool that was produced to operate on standard North American line voltage (110-120 VAC) on a 220-240 VAC voltage supply (mains)? What about the opposite situation?
A. Operating one of our standard tools on a 220-240 VAC voltage supply will cause permanent damage to the product. In the opposite situation, operating one of our customized tools designed to run on 220-240 VAC on a 110-120 VAC line will result in significantly lower levels of thermal energy than anticipated.

Q. Is it time to throw out my old Esico Triton Tool?
A. Almost every product built by Esico Triton incorporates a modular design, making it relatively simple to perform routine repairs such as heating element, thermostat and/or cord set exchanges. To assist you in discovering the root cause of a non-functioning product, we have developed a Trouble Shooting Guide. However, the very nature of soldering applications and environments dictates that if proper preventative maintenance has not been regularly performed on our tools, a simple repair could become quite difficult. If you don't wish to tackle a repair yourself, we offer an excellent Repair Service. Either way, do not throw out your Esico Triton tool; Hand it down to your kids!

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